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John Tod marries Margaret Spiers in 1857

John Tod marries Margaret Spiers in 1857. His surname later spelt Todd. Also Margaret's surname sometimes spelt Speirs.

John Todd and Margaret Spiers

John Todd and Margaret Spiers/Speirs.


Todd anniversary card

A wedding anniversary card. Note they were married in 1857, so both golden and diamond wedding celebrations were a year early.


Todd diamond anniversary

Mention of their diamond wedding in the Dumfries and Galloway Standard newspaper of 16 September 1916. Again, it was a year early.


John Todd (1832-1920) married Margaret Spiers and they had nine children. John was a gamekeeper, mostly in southwestern Scotland. The family lived at Castle Douglas.

For many years, John Todd worked at a property named Balmaghie, near Castle Douglas.

They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at No 88  Cotton St, Castle Douglas in 1906.

There seems to be some confusion as they were actually married in 1857 (see marriage entry above).

Newspaper clipping of golden wedding anniversary

Newspaper clipping of the celebrations.

A report (which is damaged, see image) of the event reads:

A golden wedding - As we mentioned last week, Mr and Mrs Todd, Little Mains, Castle Douglas, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding on the 14 inst.

To suit the convenience of the family (many of whom travelled long distances to be present) a quiet reunion was held on Sunday afternoon, instead of Friday, when twenty-four children and grandchildren, with a few friends, assembled to do honour to the occasion.

The only absentees in the family were Mr and Mrs Silver (son-in-law and daughter) and four children, Australia, and the following grandchildren: - Mr John Hutchinson, South Africa; Mr and Mrs R.T. Hutchinson and Messrs Robert and James Hutchinson, Saskatchewan, Canada.

On behalf of the family Mr James Todd, Newcastle-on-Tyne, presented to the couple a massive marble clock and a purse? of sovereigns.

In making the presentation, Mr James Todd expressed the hope that more years were in store for the couple, and that they would be  able to witness their diamond wedding ?.

Mr John Todd, in a short but reminiscent ? thanked the family for their kindness ? and providing  such a substantial reminder ? golden wedding.

Besides the family ? many valuable mementoes have come ? from friends in the district, testifying to the esteem in which Mr and Mrs Todd are held by those who have the pleasure of their acquaintance.

The clock bore the following inscription: - "Golden wedding: 1856-1906. Presented to Mr and Mrs Todd by family along with a purse of gold."

The following transcript of the newspaper article about their diamond wedding in 1916 again confirms that they celebrated a year early. It also gives John's birth year as 1833 when in fact it was 1835. 

Diamond wedding at Castle-Douglas

Mr and Mrs John Todd, Cotton Street, Castle-Douglas, celebrated ther sixtieth anniversary of their wedding on Thursday.

Mr Todd was born at Skirling in 1833, and met Miss Margaret Speirs, his future wife, when he was employed as a gamekeeper at Ormiston, East Lothian.

Some 40 years ago he became gamekeeper to Mr Graham Hutchison of Balmaghie, Castle-Douglas, in whose service he was for 27 years.

Shortly after his retirement he became janitor of the Castle-Douglas Conservative Club, a position which he still holds.


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