Winnie Nunn (nee Cooper).

George Alexander Nunn  and his family are pictured above. George (1899-1975) married Winifred Violet Cooper in 1923.

George was a fireman and driver for Queensland Railways and the family lived  at 37 Margaret St, Rockhampton

On July 2, 1923, George  outlaid a pound as a deposit on the house which was to remain in the family name for nearly 70 years.

That pound was a part deposit on the property at 37 Margaret Street, Rockhampton, owned by Mr A De Chastel. 

The asking price was 430 pounds with a deposit of 70 pounds and the balance at 25 shillings weekly. The following day, George paid the other 69 pounds deposit.

Two weeks later, George paid 2 pounds 10 shillings, of which 9 shillings and 9 pence was interest. 

With a growing family, work took George and Winnie away from Rockhampton to Longreach and Many Peaks where they stayed in Railway houses. 

The Margaret Street house was closed up for this period. After the war, and with 11 children, the house was crowded, eldest son Arnold tried to convince George to buy a bigger house nearby in Dawson Road. 

Instead, a back section was added at a cost of about 200 pounds. Arnold also built the room under the house which he and brother Gordon shared.


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