This was a Christmas letter written by Norah Anderson in which she mentions family members including grandchildren.

Another Christmas - It's almost here!
And we're no more ready than we were last year.
We'll scurry for gifts at the very last minute.
Just glad that the rush is still on and we're in it.
The utter confusion may equal the stress,
Of the world situation - now ain't it a mess?
What a gloomy note we've sounded here,
We'll try to do better and give you some cheer.
With a word or two about the way,
Our family keeps busy from day to day.
Jack's yard and his work keep him hustling and busy -
Pat cleans up the home till it makes me quite dizzy.
She drives the children to and from school,
In all kinds of weather - both hot and cool.
Mickey takes Baton, Acrobatic and Tap,
David likes Basketball - with him it's a snap.
Todd - I forgot - I must beg your pardon,
Is now an apt pupil in school - Kindergarten.
I spend most of my time in all kinds of ways.
Clubs, Knitting and Bridge - till I'm 'most in a daze.
Collectively we're healthy and so glad to tell,
We sometimes do have minor ills, but otherwise we're well.
We make regular trips to the Hospital
To see Dad and he's happy when we come to call.
We hoped that he would be with us this year -
He enjoys the children and the holiday cheer.
However, once more he'll be confined to his room,
But he'll join the festivities, and we hope very soon
That he will be able to just move around;
He sure makes that wheelchair cover the ground!
But his health ever failing, we are sorry to say,
Takes lots of the joy out of our Christmas Day.
And now as we bid you a fond farewell
It's time for the chimes of the Christmas Bell!
May your joys be many, your troubles few;
That's a Christmas wish from our house to you
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
A year full of Laughter, Joy, and good Cheer.

Love Norah

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