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David Nunn

David and Rachel Nunn, from Suffolk to Queensland This section focuses on David and Rachel Nunn's 12 children (see below) David Nunn (born 15 Mar 1827 at…
Silver family

Silvers of Kincardine

The Silver family were farmers in the Deeside area near Aberdeen, Scotland for several centuries. Information on this site regarding them has come from several…
Chevington All Saints

Early Suffolk

Chevington All Saints church in which many of our Nunn ancestors spent time for some reason either to be baptised (note the font inset image), married or for a…

Henry Aldridge's memoirs

From Hertfordshire to Australia *Following is a transcript of recollections that Henry Aldridge wrote about his life. In the original handwritten pages, Henry…

Rex Newsome on his grandparents Arthur and Ellen Nunn

Rex Newsome looks back on visits to his Nunn grandparents Rex Newsome. Rex Newsome, (1932-2013) the son of Emily Nunn and Roy Newsome, recorded memories of his…

Gordon (Bunny) Nunn

Gordon David (Bunny) Nunn, family man and extraordinary athlete ©Warren Nunn, (First published 8 Jan 2015; updates—21 November 2015, 30 January 2016, 5…
John Todd family group

John Todd (1832-1920)

John Tod marries Margaret Spiers in 1857. His surname later spelt Todd. Also Margaret's surname sometimes spelt Speirs. John Todd and Margaret Spiers/Speirs. A…

William Aldridge

Hertfordshire publican William Aldridge came to Australia in July 1859 on the Glentanner, arriving in Brisbane, Queensland. The Aldridge family of…

Cokers of London

The Coker family of Stepney, London, had a close connection to the maritime industry in the 18th and 19th centuries. While my…


How the village of Chevington was established By Warren Nunn Inside Chevington All Saints church. It's useful to look at how a…

Life at Boolburra

Boolburra house 1960s
Life at Boolburra (scroll down about half way for photo gallery) © Warren Nunn, Pop Dobbs Grandma Dobbs Mae Dobbs…

My Dad, Gordon David Nunn

Gordon Nunn family
Gordon David Nunn main image in 1953/54 with his wife June and first two children. The rest of his children in birth order from…

John Silver of Burnside died 1865

Default Image
19th October 1865 inventory of the personal estate of John Silver and testament executed by him.At Stonehaven the nineteenth day…

Whitwood cricket

Click for bigger image. Nunn brothers of Dinmore, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, and Whitwood cricket team By Warren Nunn © What…

Overview of letters

Various letters have come into my possession mainly from my grandmother Isabella Dobbs (nee Silver). Some were written to her…

James Thomas Coker

Excerpt of court case involving James Thomas Coker, reported in The Morning Bulletin newspaper on Tuesday 16 September 1890.
James Thomas Coker, embezzler © By Warren Nunn According to immigration records the Royal Dane on which James Thomas Coker…

Boolburra school

Boolburra school and students
The rise and fall of education at Boolburra By Warren Nunn In 1874 when the railway bridge was being built over the Dawson River…

Nunns' paddock

Alma Nunn on the early days of Nunns' paddock Alma Nellie Victoria Nunn. Sidney Nunn's daughter, Alma (pictured in 1994) has some…

James Coker and Emily Lee

James Coker and Emily Lee By Warren Nunn Teenagers James Thomas Coker and Emily Lee married at Barking, near London, England in…

Thomas Nunn (1656 - Unknown)

Thomas Nunn and Elizabeth Clark hold the key to both the Chevington and Hargrave Nunns. More research needs to be done to…

Thomas Nunn (1684-1729)

Thomas Nunn was baptised at Brockley and died in Chevington. He married Anne Steed from Brockley and they had at least 14…

Dinmore images

Various images connected to the Dinmore Nunns These are images from Dinmore, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia and most likely from…

James Silver

James Silver family group
James Silver came to Australia in 1892 where he was later joined by his fiancee Janet Todd. They married in Brisbane, Queensland,…

John Nunn (1743 - 1822)

John Nunn, like his son Abraham, lived in Chevington. He had two marriages; firstly to Mary Copsey and, secondly, to Mary Flack.…

Alex Campbell and coal mining

Alex Campbell
Alex Campbell and coal mining in Central Queensland Alex Campbell on wedding day in 1914. The Rockhampton Historical Society…

John Nunn (1715-1777)

John Nunn married Martha Rutledge, lived in Chevington and had the following family: 1. Martha NUNN, b. C1738, Denham, Suffolk,…

Stick up at Imbil

Bushrangers at Imbil By Warren Nunn Henry Aldridge about 1920. IT was a scandal at the time that involved a number of men…

Walter Nunn

Walter Nunn family
Walter Nunn (second from right) with his wife Elizabeth Thompson (left) and family members. That's probably Fred and Alice…

James Aldridge (1793 - 1871)

Welwyn publican James Aldridge (1793 - 1871 son of Thomas Aldridge and Mary Jeaves) was a publican based in Welwyn, Hertford,…

Harry Coker

Harry Coker family group
Harry Coker (born 1 Sep 1868 Limehouse, London, Middlesex, England, died 16 Oct 1924 Rockhampton, Qld, Australia. Note baptised…

Les Deakin

Excerpt from Les Deakin's army file
Painful sickness ended Les Deakin's life The unfortunate details of Les Deakin's short life is noted in an army file that records…

William Troden

William Troden
Background to a crime William Troden was one of the bushrangers jailed for the attack on Henry Aldridge and others. In the record…

Edward Henry Aldridge (1880-1953)

Ted Aldridge
Rugged timber-getter Edward Henry Aldridge (1880-1953) married Mary Ann Richardson and had six children. Obviously a longevity…

Rev Alexander Silver Dunnottar

Default Image
22 December 1884. Inventory of the personal estate of the late Revd Alexander Silver. At Stonehaven the twenty second day of…

George Silver of Netherley died 1840

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Last Will and Testament (1840) Page 152 13th November 1840Stamped Inventory - The Personal Estate of Umquhile George Silver EsqAt…

Arnold Nunn on grandparents Arthur and Ellen Nunn

Arnold Nunn
Arnold Nunn recalls (scroll down for photo gallery) By Warren Nunn Arnold Nunn has fond memories of his grandfather, Arthur was…

Margaret Isabella Silver and Malakoff Road State School

Bella Silver in 1914 and 1925
Margaret Isabella Silver, first teacher at Malakoff Road State School 1913 Malakoff Road State School's first teacher Miss Bella…

Sydney Nunn

Sid Nunn family
Sid Nunn (inset) in family photo taken after his passed away in 1919. Standing back from left are: Eric Ronald, William Everard,…

Emily Ellen Sophia Aldridge (1876-1970)

Emily Ellen Sophia Aldridge, who married Harry Coker. A most remarkable woman Emily Helen (or Ellen) Sophia Aldridge (1876-1970)…


Hargrave; sister village to Chevington By Warren Nunn Hargrave is a sister village to Chevington and is within easy walking…

George Nunn, Chevington carrier

George Nunn, Chevington carrier By Warren Nunn The following is a transcription of a newspaper report of this George Nunn's…

Arthur Nunn

From left Arthur Nunn and wife Helen Rutherford Campbell from their wedding day in 1895 and (continuing from left) their children…

George Nunn

George Nunn family
George Nunn (top right) with son Gordon George. Below that is Evelyn May Elizabeth (whose married name was McQuilty), Gordon…

Walter Burdekin Aldridge (1882-1968)

Burt Aldridge
A complicated man Walter Burdekin Aldridge (1882-1968) married Margaret Shonhan and had one child. He was known as Burt and had a…

Desmond Holland

Desmond (Slim) Holland's murder Desmond Holland. ONE of David and Rachel Nunn's descendants, Desmond Holland, became the victim…

Silvers in Australia

Building a life in Australia James Silver and Janet Todd. When a young Scottish carpenter named James Silver arrived in…

William Nunn

William Nunn and his wife Emily Scarborough standing with their son Stanley possibly about 1930. Inset images either side of them…

Harry Coker divorce

Default Image
This is a transcription of the divorce proceedings between Henry Coker and his first wife, Frances. Page 1 In the Supreme Court…

Growing up at Boolburra

Jim and Ray Dobbs at Boolburra
Ray Dobbs: How I remember my growing-up years Ray Dobbs. Ray Dobbs as a baby. Looking back some 60 years I think how lucky we…

Cyril Coker obituary

Charles Cyril Coker (26 Jun 1918 to 24 Mar 2004) Cyril Coker. IN 1918, a mother took her deathly sick newborn son home from…

Elisha Nunn

Elisha Nunn (born 22 Mar 1857 Whepstead, Suffolk, England, UK, died 19 Dec 1932 Ipswich, Qld, Australia), married Sarah Ann…

David Campbell junior

Work accident claims life of David Campbell jnr JUST a month short of his 13th birthday, David Campbell junior was fatally…

George Alexander Nunn

Winnie Nunn (nee Cooper). George Alexander Nunn and his family are pictured above. George (1899-1975) married Winifred Violet…

Abraham Nunn (1797-1881)

Abraham Nunn was the father of David Nunn who came to Queensland in 1858 thus starting a new branch of the Suffolk Nunns in…


Default Image
Wickhambrook is another close village to both Chevington and Hargrave. We find some movement of the Nunns, mainly from Hargrave.…

Nev Deakin on Arthur and Ellen Nunn

Nev Deakin on his Nunn grandparents, his mother’s siblings and fishing on Rockhampton's Fitzroy River. Nev Deakin. Nev Deakin,…

Elizabeth Aldridge (1871-1952)

Elizabeth Aldridge
A woman to whom we owe a great deal Elizabeth Aldridge (1871-1952) married Charles Dobbs and they had the one child, Elizabeth…

David "Dick" Nunn

David (Dick) Nunn family
David (who was known as Dick) Nunn pictured top left with some of his children including (from left) Lily Jane (married name…

Off to Australia

David and Rachel Nunn and son Elisha arrive in Australia A view of Adelaide Street, Brisbane, around 1860. February 1858: David…

Christina Mary Nunn

Christina Mary Nunn
Christina Mary Nunn (1896-1982) married Eli Peters but they did not have children.Chrissie, as she was known, lived at Wooloowin…

Amos Nunn

Amos Nunn and children
Amos Nunn, left, and several of his children. Colour image is of David Nunn (1886-1970) and his wife Marion Thomson (1901-1981);…

Phoebe Nunn

Roberts family
Phoebe Nunn and her husband James Roberts with their children. All the girls are identified on image. Eldest son Norman is…

May Emma Nunn

May Nunn birth
May Emma Nunn (born 6 Nov 1876 Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, died 26 Oct 1931 Ipswich, Queensland, Australia) married James…

Albert Nunn

Albert Nunn birth
Albert Nunn (born 11 Sep 1862 Ipswich, Queensland, died 24 Oct 1931 Qld, Aust), married Jane Tutin (born C1865, died 26 Nov 1940,…

Violet Nunn

Violet Nunn birth
Violet Nunn (born 7 Aug 1878 Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, died 23 Nov 1959 Queensland, Australia) married George Johnson (born…

Harry and Emma Coker

Harry Coker and Emma Aldridge Harry Coker (1868-1924) and Emily Ellen Sophia Aldridge (1876-1960) were my maternal grandfather…

Jonathan Nunn war medals

Jonathan Nunn and Nancy Hambleton ID
Chance discovery uncovers love story ID cards that show Jonathan and Nancy presented themselves as a married couple. By Warren…

Ada Mary Anne Coker

Ada Coker
Ada Mary Anne Coker (born 6 Mar 1864 at 44 Nicholas Street, Mile End, Stepney, London, England, died 18 Jan 1926 Wynstoy Ave,…

Emily Florence Coker

Emily Florence Coker
Emily Florence Coker (born 16 Jan 1862 Limehouse, London, England, UK, died Aug 1946 in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia)…

Alexander Silver (1809-1882)

Silver family
Alexander Silver and Isobel Falconer Silver family members: At left is Isobel Falconer who married Alexander Silver with her…

Tony Joe White

Written in 1999 after I interviewed Tony Joe White at the Byron Bay Blues Festival: THE jukebox in the corner of the smoky bar in…

Jane Elizabeth Coker

Jane Elizabeth Coker (born 13 Mar 1859 at 5 Salman Cottages, Ratcliff, Stepney, London, England, July 1948, Rockhampton, Qld,…

Emily Myrtle Nunn

Emily Myrtle Nunn
Emily Myrtle Nunn (1905-1996) married Albert Newsome and they had one child. They moved to Townsville. Their son Rex has written…

Jessie Helen Nunn

Jessie Helen Nunn
Jessie Helen Nunn (1902-1975) married David Collins and they had four children. They lived in Wavell Heights, Brisbane.

Herbert Leslie Coker

Default Image
Herbert Leslie Coker (born 7 Jul 1880 Queensland, Aust, died possibly in Western Australia).

Annie Nunn

Deakin family about 1943
Annie Nunn and Fred Deakin Annie Nunn (1898-1983) married Fred Deakin and had four children; Les, Nev, Bernice and John. Fred…

Ina Silver dairy

Diary of Ina Silver (daughter of James & Ann Silver) on her trip to Scotland in 1914, with her widowed mother Ann Findlay Silver…

David Bisset of Eastside died 1892

Default Image
Page 507: EXTRACT INVENTORY OF THE PERSONAL ESTATE OF DAVID BISSET DECEASED (husband of Jane Silver)At Aberdeen, the Thirtieth…

William Coker died 1852

William Coker died 1852
This is the last Will and Testament of me William Coker of No 12 Bromley Street Commercial Road End in the Parish of Ratcliffe in…

James Martin Coker

James Martin Coker
James Martin Coker (born 20 Sep 1872 Rockhampton, Qld, Australia, died 14 Jan 1907 Townsville General Hospital, Qld, Australia)…

Eva Silver to Bella Dobbs 1966

120 Whitmore St Taringa 27.9.66 Dear Bell & All, Glad to get your letter & find you all well; also that you have had good rain &…


A list of charges brought against Henry Aldridge's attackers From Queensland State Archives Cor: Cockle C J in the Circuit Court…

Albert Napier Coker

Albert Napier Coker
Albert Napier Coker (born 21 May 1878 Queensland, Aust, died 3 Jun 1940) married Anne Featonby (born C1880, died 14 Mar 1961,…

Arthur Coker

Arthur Coker (born C1868 London, England, UK, died 24 Feb 1945 Rockhampton Queensland, Aust) married Polly Mary Sayer and…

Alexander Silver of Crossleys died 1882

Default Image
5 June 1882 Inventory of the personal estate of the late Alexander Silver At Stonehaven the fifth day of June in the year one…

William Coker died 1851

Default Image
This is the last will and testament of me William Coker of Henry Street, York Square East Stepney in the County of Middlesex but…

Joseph Silver of Redstone died 1883

Default Image
20th April 1883 Inventory of the Personal Estate of the late JOSEPH SILVERpage 507At Stonehaven the twentieth day of April in the…

Jean Silver to Alex Dobbs

James Silver's widow Jean (nee Mary Jean Vokes) Chermside Hospital Ward G-5-East Dear Alex and James, I read the Courier every…

Ode to Grandad

Written by Cyril Coker’s granddaughter Bettrys Wellings. Ode to Grandad What a great man at the age of 85 To achieve such great…

1868 Queensland Police Gazette page 68

Tied to a sapling and robbed 1868 Queensland Police Gazette page 68 On 30th July last, Henry Aldridge, and others, were stopped…

Picture comparison

I have images from Scotland from various sources that connect to the Silvers of Kincardineshire. My line connects through…

James Silver Kintewlin died 1865

Default Image
19th September 1865Inventory of the Personal Estate of JAMES SILVER and testamentary writing executed by him.At Stonehaven the…

Leonard William Thomas Coker

Leonard Coker
Leonard William Thomas Coker (born 3 Dec 1865 St Dunstan's, Stepney, London, England, died 22 Jun 1918 Rockhampton, Qld,…

David Campbell

David Campbell
David Campbell David Campbell (1851-1932) married Mary Campbell (1856-1883) and Christina Abel (1855-1932). Only two of the…

Isabella Silver of Harvieston died 1893

Default Image
23 June 1893Inventory of the Personal Estate of the late Isabella Falconer or SilverAt Stonehaven the twenty third day of June in…

George Silver of Peterculter died 1886

Default Image
Extract Inventory of the Personal Estate of GEORGE SILVER (Deceased)At Aberdeen – the twelfth day of June in the year One…

Nellie Goodwin to Alex Dobbs 1953

Box 4 Bluff 5th Nov. 1953 Dear Alex & Belle, We all thank you very much for the telegram of sympathy which we received at the…

Violet Silver of Eastside died 1884

Default Image
26th Mary 1884 Inventory of the Personal Estate of the late VIOLET SILVERpage 249At Stonehaven the twenty sixth day of May in the…

George Silver of Standing Stones died 1871

Default Image
8th June 1871 Inventory of The Personal Estate of the late GEORGE SILVER At Stonehaven the eighth day of June in the year One…

Nellie Goodwin to Alex Dobbs 1954

Bluff 4th Jan. 1954 Dear Alex, Received your welcome leter & slip enclosed for which I thank you. I had a statement & letter from…

Alex Dobbs letter to Duffy

Boolburra 8th June 1948 Mr R.Duffy Main Avenue Park Avenue Nth Rockhampton, Dear Sir, I enclose cheque for 50 pounds being…

Archibald Lawson Coker

Archibald Lawson Coker (born 22 Nov 1881 Queensland, Aust, died C1953 Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia) married Ivy Maud Rule…

Nellie Goodwin to Alex Dobbs 1975

Colorado Bluff 4702 18.12.75 Dear Alex, James & all at home, Thanks very much for writing & hope you are home again by now &…

District Court report

Newspaper report of Imbil hold-up AT the Maryborough Circuit Court, on the 26th inst., His Honor the Chief Justice presiding,…

William Cooper (1857-1941)

Bill Cooper
William Cooper (1857-1941 son of Richard Cooper and Hannah Bancroft) and Eleanor Evans (1857-1918 dau of George Evans and Ann…

Helen Silver

Helen Silver who married Alexander Duncan. Helen Silver (1852 - 1915) married Alexander Duncan and moved to England where they…

Harold George Blanchard Card

Notice of Harold Card's death.
Tribute to a young man whose short life ended on the battlefield in France ©Warren Nunn (First published 14 Jan 2017) On 22…

Cyril Coker funeral

Default Image
Notes on Cyril Coker's funeral, 29th March 2004, Rockhampton, which was conducted by his son Pastor Ian Coker. On behalf of my…

Helen Rutherford Campbell (1875-1956)

Ellen Rutherford Campbell
Helen Rutherford Campbell (born 11 Dec 1875, Skinflats, Bothkennar, Stirling, Scotland, died 8 Aug 1956, Rockhampton, Qld,…

Alex to James Silver 1892

Silver family at Harvieston, south of Aberdeen, in 1892.
Letter from Alexander Silver (1858-1907) to his brother James (1863-1949) Alex and James both the sons of Alex Silver (1809-1882)…

Alexander Silver (1858-1907)

Alexander (Sandy) Silver (1858-1907) with his wife Helen Jane Watt and the three children who survived to adulthood. Top right is…

Five Coker sisters baptised the same day

Clara Coker baptism
Five sisters baptised the same day By Warren Nunn In family research, odd events draw your attention. Run-of-the-mill births,…

Harry Lawrence Coker (1902-1984)

Lawrie Coker
Harry Lawrence Coker (1902-1984) married Myrtle Richardson and they had two children. He was known as Lawrie.

Census with a Silver lining

A Silver lining Census records are a treasure trove of information for genealogists and can produce a number of ‘yes!’ moments of…

Harriet Ada Daphne Coker (1905-1996)

Daphne Coker
Harriet Ada Daphne Coker (1905-1996) married Bert Moss and they had six children. She was known as Daphne Moss.

The sad case of Gerard Krefft and how the Australian Museum spins his story (and history)

The sad case of Gerard Krefft and how the Australian Museum spins his story (and history) ©Warren Nunn (First published 29…

John Alexis Dobbs Coker (1901-1987)

Alex Dobbs
John Alexis Dobbs Coker (1901-1987) married Bella Silver and they had four children. Although he was Harry and Emma's child, he…

Edna May Coker (1908-2000)

Edna Coker
Edna May Coker (1908-2000) married John Sleaford and they had six children. Edna's eldest brother, Fred, married John's sister,…

Jane "Jeannie: Campbell (1886-1970)

Jeannie Campbell birth certificate
Jeannie Campbell's birth certificate. Jeannie Campbell (1886-1970) was the only surviving child of David Campbell's second…

Charles Cyril Coker (1918-2004)

Cyril Coker
Charles Cyril Coker (1918-2004) married Lil Sleaford. His older sister, Edna, married Lil's brother John, while his eldest…

Richard Cooper (1830-1889)

Richard Cooper (1830-1889 son of Ambrose Cooper and Sarah Jones) was a butcher (as his father was before him) living in Bath,…

Arthur Roy Coker (1913-2004)

Roy Coker
Arthur Roy Coker (1913-2004) married Eileen Radloff and they had six children. He was known as Roy. Roy worked at the Rockhampton…

Walter Frederick Coker (1900-1981)

Fred Coker
Walter Frederick Coker (1900-1981) married Rovena Sleaford. He was known as Fred. His younger sister, Edna, married Rovena's…

Joan Todd to James Silver 1943

88 Cotton St, Castle Douglas, 22/6/1943 My Dear Brother, I got your dear letter a fortnight ago so now I must try and give you a…

Isobel Menzies Silver

Isobel Silver
Isobel Menzies Silver (1860-1934) lived with her brothers at Harvieston Farm before getting married later in life (aged 46) to a…

Silver newspaper research

What follows is drawn from Aberdeenshire newspapers and relates to the Silver surname. Aberdeen Evening Express 24 September…

Archibald Aldridge Coker (1907-1980)

Archie Coker. Archibald Aldridge Coker (1907-1980) had three marriages; his first two wives pre-deceasing him. He had one child…

Robert Todd (1868-1936)

Robert Todd
Robert Todd (1868-1936) married Nancy Hamilton and they had five children (see below). Robert was a grocer/fruiterer at Castle…

James Henry Cooper (1887-1963)

Harry and Gert Cooper Harry Cooper, his wife Gertrude and youngest son, Ray. James Henry Cooper (1887-1963) married Gertrude…

The life of Reverend Alexander Silver of Dunnottar

By Aberdeenshire Silver descendant Warren Nunn Reverend Alexander Silver was for about 40 years the spiritual leader of Dunnottar…

Margaret Todd (1858-1945)

Margaret Todd
Margaret Todd (1858-1945) married Richard Hutchinson and they had five children. They were both servants at Methven Castle. On…

Joan Todd to James Silver 1939

This letter was written in September 1939 from the Todd household at 88 Cotton Street, Castle Douglas, Scotland. It is addressed…

Cyril Coker to Charles Dobbs 1942

77384 A.C.I. COKER C.C. Flight 581 Electricians Course No 3. S.T.T. R.A.A.F ULTIMO SYDNEY Tuesday 24/11/42 Dear Aunty & Uncle, I…

Lillian Ethel Cooper (1891-1928)

Lil Cooper
Lillian Ethel Cooper (1891-1929) married William Birdseye and they had only one child who lived to adulthood. These are their…

Harvieston fire

Two articles about the Harvieston Farm fire Dundee Courier 31 January 1902, PAGE 4. DESTRUCTIVE FARM FIRE IN THE MEARNS FOURTH…

Margaret Todd to Bella Silver C1900

Transcript of postcard from Margaret Todd (nee Spiers) in Castle Douglas, Dumfries, Scotland probably early 1900s. Grandma Todd…

Grace Agnes Todd (1876-1963)

Grace Todd
Grace Agnes Todd (1876-1963) married Edward Forsyth and had two daughters (see below). Grace also wrote to her Australian niece,…

James to Bella 1949

12/3/1949 Dear Alex, yourself and all the family, I am very anxious to know how you are all getting through this terrible time. I…

Bella to Bella Silver 1930

This letter from Bella Duncan, James Silver’s sister, written in 1930 to her niece Margaret Isobel Silver (also known as Bella)…

John Silver of Harvieston farm

John Silver
By Aberdeenshire Silver descendant Warren Nunn John Silver is a bit of mystery man. An older, unmarried brother of my great…

James to Bella 1939

Burnside Whitmore St Taringa SW1 27/9/39 (Written the month after Janet died) My Dear Bell and all, How are you all getting on, I…

Ambrose Cooper (1790 - 1848)

Ambrose COOPER (1790 - 1848 son of Richard Cooper and Anne Pocock) was a butcher in Bath, Somerset. He married Sarah Jones and…

Obsessed older man pursued vulnerable teenager

Daily Mirror article
Obsessed older man pursued vulnerable teenager By Warren Nunn There is no way to describe this situation other than creepy. It's…

Joanna Whilemina "Dan" Todd (1870-1946)

Aunty Dan Todd
Joanna Whilemina "Dan" Todd (1870-1946) remained single and cared for her parents and her brother in their latter years at 88…

Janet Todd (1864-1939)

Janet Todd
Janet Todd (1864-1939) married James Silver and they had six children (see below), only four of whom survived to adulthood. After…

Isobel to James Silver 1918

Default Image
Isobel Duncan (1860-1934) daughter of Alex Silver and Isobel FalconerIn 1930, Isobel, whose married name was Duncan, lived at 24…

Elizabeth Dobbs to Alex 1952

24/3/52 Kabra 2.G.R Dear Alex, Received your welcome letter on Saturday & pleased to hear you were all well. We are well here, it…

Norah Anderson 1965

This was a Christmas letter written by Norah Anderson in which she mentions family members including grandchildren. HI! MERRY…

Maggie Todd to Bella 1944

This is a letter from Margaret Todd then aged 85 and living in South Africa. August 8, 1944, Gruisrand, c/- De La Ray Venter?,…

Edwin Herbert Cooper (1897-1984)

Bert Cooper
Edwin Herbert Cooper (1897-1984) did not marry. He was known as Bert, and lived mostly in Sydney.

Winifred Violet Cooper (1900-1989)

Winnie Cooper
Winifred Violet Cooper (1900-1989) married George Nunn and had 11 children. She has my maternal grandmother.

Joan Todd to Bella Silver 1945

(This was probably of the last letters Aunty Dan wrote, because by the following year her sister Gracie wrote to say she was in…

George Robertson to James Silver

In correspondence from James Murray Silver, he refers to a letter that mentions the Harvieston Silvers:There is an interesting…

Nancy Paterson to Bella 1946

(The author of this letter, Nancy Paterson, was the daughter of the family that owned the house in which the Todds lived in…

Elizabeth Todd to Eva Silver 1939

(This is a transcript of a letter written by Elizabeth Todd from Chicago in 1939 in response to one from Eva Silver telling…

Maryann "Polly" Todd (1872-1948)

Maryann Todd
Maryann "Polly" Todd (1872-1948) married Robert Shennan and they had three children (see below). Maryann was known as Polly.…

Duffy letter to Alex Dobbs 1950

78 Park Avenue Rockhampton 18.5.50 Dear Alex, Your letter with cheque arrive last week, & many thanks for same. Sorry we were…

Grace Todd to Bella Silver 1946

Letter from Grace Todd (married name Forsyth) written in 1946 Broughton, Ernespie Road, Castle Douglas My Dear Bella, I am afraid…

Norah Anderson to Bella Silver 1955

Christmas 1955 Dear Bella, How are you? Here it is Xmas again and I don't believe I've written you all year. I'm trying to write…

Thomas Stewart Cooper (1889-1957)

Thomas Stewart Cooper (1889-1957) married Jessie Swanson and they had three children. He was known as Stewart Cooper. These are…

Frances May Speakman

Frances May Speakman who married Richard Thomas Hutchinson Frances May Speakman (known as Fanny, May, or Fanny May) had an…

Pocket watch mystery

Piecing together this timepiece's journey The pocket watch in which is inscribed the name "Geo. Donald". The watch is being held…

Elizabeth Todd (1863-1945)

Lizzie Todd
Elizabeth Todd (1863-1945) married James Keegan and had three children (see below). They emigrated to America in 1912. They were…

James Todd (1860-1944)

James Todd
James Todd (1860-1944) did not marry. In 1907, he is mentioned in newspaper clipping of parent's golden wedding anniversary as…

James to Bella Silver 1947

19 White St, Toowoomba, 13/2/47 Dear Bella and all, How are you all in this time of this great rain? I have been watching the…

T.J.White with Roy and H.G.

Written in 1997 after Tony Joe appeared on the show Club Buggery with comedians Roy and H.G. Tony Joe White performs at Byron…

Gregor Kartai, musician and artist

Gregor Kartai, musician and artist © Warren Nunn September 2004. See notes below.* Gregor Kartai and one of his creations at…

Struck down by the lurgi

Struck down by the lurgi ©Warren Nunn, May 1991 HAVE you ever wondered what people are talking about when they say they are…

Racing venture

Bunalbo wins a 1700m race at Callaghan Park Paceway on 4 October 1975 for the Capricorn Syndicate of which I was a member. The…

Gertrude Duncan, the publican's daughter who became a hospital administrator

Red Lion Inn
The Red Lion Inn at Uckfield, Sussex in 1915. Image taken by visiting Scottish cousins. Gertrude Duncan, the publican's daughter…

Jessie Elizabeth Coker

A genealogical study By Warren Nunn Tracing the life of Jessie Elizabeth Coker, the daughter William Frederick Coker and…

Cliffside alive with artwork

The cliffside is alive ... with artwork ©Warren Nunn, 2004 IF ever there were an artist’s utopia, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is it.…

Ellen Jessie Coker

Ellen Jessie Coker - caught up in bigamy By Warren Nunn You know those English period dramas where an unsuspecting young lady…

Nomads of the wind

A wish engraved in his soul ... Version Français ©Warren Nunn 2016 Chris Souilijaert at work on his Nomads of the Wind series.…

Alex Silver and Ellen Watt

1589Alexander SILVER
Alex Silver Ellen Watt WHEN Alexander Silver and Helen (Ellen) Jane Watt married in Ellen Jane Watt and Alexander Silver of…

We all wear masks

Funny business, that storytelling Scientific storytelling is sometimes so obvious that it could even be laugh-out-loud funny if…

Pop Dobbs

John Alexis Dobbs Coker birth certificate.
Thank you, Pop Dobbs, for having patience with me By Warren Nunn In reflecting on growing-up years, it's worth remembering those…

Boolburra races involved whole community

Newspaper images of 1924 Boolburra Cup day.
Boolburra races involved whole community By Warren Nunn In the era before modern transport and communication, local events such…

Boolburra flooding

The Boolburra house 1954 flood
There are no surprises in the fact that the land around Boolburra often floods By Warren Nunn A cursory look at this satellite…

Heart for healing music

A heart for healing music Priest and passionate musician Louis Vigouroux with his replica medieval lute. © Warren Nunn September…

Racetrack photo-finish operations

Racetrack photo-finish operations ©Warren Nunn, first published 26 January 2017 For several years from the early 1980s, I worked…

Percy Nunn, a Suffolk cousin and friend

Percy Nunn, his daughter Beverly and her husband Philip Richardson at Wickhambrook in 2004.
Percy Nunn, his daughter Beverly and her husband Philip Richardson at Wickhambrook in 2004. Both Percy and Beverly have since…

Tennis at Boolburra

Tennis at Boolburra
How tennis brought communities together By Warren Nunn Tennis was a great outlet for my grandparents and their small community at…

Rob Silver reflects on family visits

Rob Silver
Rob Silver reflects on family visits Robert John Silver (1927-2016) was the son of my grandmother's brother John, or Uncle Jack,…

Stan Alberts

Boots wore out, but he still plays © Warren Nunn, 1983 One of nature's gentlemen ... Stan Alberts. ROCKHAMPTON.— Stan Alberts,…

Ted Price

Ted did it the hard way ©Warren Nunn, December 1983. Ted Price at the Kenrick Tucker velodrome. E.R. (Ted) Price looked over the…

Rosy glow

Aussies bring chateau a rosy glow ©Warren Nunn 2004 Pixie Lowe at Le Labyrinthe Des Roses in 2004. A group of Australians has…

Dobbs family ... some photos

John Alexis Dobbs Coker and Margaret Isabella Silver on their wedding day in 1925.
Dobbs family ... some photos What follows are some random images from a growing collection of memorabilia of the Dobbs family…

James Silver letters

Default Image
From James Silver (1863-1949) to his daughter Bella Dobbs (1893-1968) Burnside Whitmore St Taringa SW1 27/9/39 My Dear Bell and…

Evolution, its advocates and its dissenters

Looking beyond the obvious Warren Nunn Astute readers will sometimes complain that something has been taken out of context,…

Sully, the man with a big voice

Sully’s stumped some of the best ©Warren Nunn, September 1983 “Waddya cryin’ for” is a phrase that local, state and test…

Charles Robert Bree, the scientist who championed the cause of women

The male scientist who spoke up for women more than 100 years ago ©Warren Nunn If the majority of modern scholars are to be…

Labastide Murat

The village that give Napoleon one of his most loyal soldiers Joachim Murat by François Gérard. Public domain image. ©Warren Nunn…

William Avis, the Pear Tree publican

William Avis, the Pear Tree publican for almost 50 years By Warren Nunn When newspapers record details of a funeral, it greatly…

Central Queensland's racing history

Frank Stewart and Central Queensland's racing history Warren Nunn, September 1983 Not too many racegoers would know much about…

This is our world

This is our world © Warren Nunn It is 2017 and there a number of matters consuming the world at this point in time arguably the…

Tracking family through various records

Newspapers give vital clues in tracing family lines By Warren Nunn Newspapers often provide information in tracing family lines,…

Workers restaurant

Rural fare is totally fulfilling ©Warren Nunn 2004 If you visit the French countryside, a not-to-be missed experience is eating…

Nunn surname has deep roots in Suffolk

How we can track where we come from By Warren Nunn There's no doubt that the Nunn surname emanates from the English county of…

Sorting out the truth from the spin

Tell-tale signs of the imagination Let me tell you a little story ….. no ... let the so-called scientific press tell you a…

Telling stories from photographs

Old images give up their secrets By Warren Nunn Grace Helen Silver: born 20 Mar 1895, at Kooroongarra, via Millmerran, died 12…

Tough, loyal Scotsman ignored poor health to serve

Silver cousin's undeniable courage By Warren Nunn THE call to arms in war-time tends to bring out the very best in people. Note…

Napoleon Nunn

Napoleon Nunn's short, tragic life By Warren Nunn Napoleon Nunn, who was born in 1831 to an unmarried mother in Chevington,…

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Gogango Range rail tunnel

Below is a selection of images taken when the Gogango Range rail tunnel was demolished about 1983.…

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I have acquired many images from various family members and other individuals. Scroll down for…

Photo galleries (2)

I have acquired many images from various family members and other individuals. Scroll down for…

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