78 Park Avenue
Dear Alex,
Your letter with cheque arrive last week, & many thanks for same. Sorry we were unable to get round for a looksee at the wedding. Buy you see I am in hospital. Come here Tues week. Last Sat was the Sunday school picnic & the nips had been looking forward to it for weeks so Dorry had to take them. The Sat night was visiting night up here & of course she had to be in that. However we all wish June the best of everything & when I get settled down at home again we shall send along some little thing to remember us by. I cam in here with terrific stomach pains & both Skyring & the Dr here suspected a stone in the kidney. However the two Xray tests have failed to any & I am hoping to get home soon. I also have a trace of sugar in blood (first steps towards diabetes) but the blood test last week was not satisfactory & Dr said he would like me to have another. If it shows up much I shall have to come back to hospital for insulin treatment. However I think I will wait for a couple of weeks as I can't afford to have too much time off at once. Will send also receipt when I get out. This is about all for now. Kind regards to all.
Yrs Sincerley,
R Duffy