The passage of time takes its toll at Boolburra

By Warren Nunn

In several trips to Boolburra over the years, I've photographed the site where my grandparents Alex and Bella Dobbs onced lived.

From about 1995, the site was abandoned and all that remained were the shed, some tanks, the slab on which the house stood and the dairy.

The dairy was the victim of a grass fire and the shed has, of course, steadily fallen into disrepair.

The cab of Uncle Jim's International truck sits rusting away on the bank of the creek, the tennis court roller that Uncle Ray made stands, unmoved, nearby, a couple of water tanks remain, as does the septic tank that Jim, Pop and others, including my brother Don, put in place back in the 1960s.

The photos are a reminder that although time takes its toll on the physical world, nothing can wear out our memories of the wonderful family times we spent at Boolburra.


Looking towards the Boolburra house site and shed in 2000.


The Boolburra house site and shed July 2020.



Plaque in Uncle Jim's memory at Boolburra. Picture taken July 2020.



The burnt-out dairy building, Boolburra, in 2000.



Area near where Boolburra Racecourse was situated, not far from Dobbs house. Picture taken July 2020.



Inside International truck cabin Boolburra July 2020.



What remained of Uncle Jim's International truck at Boolburra, November 2017.



Inside Boolburra shed November 2017.



Avondale, Boolburra, to where the Dobbs house was relocated. Pictured taken July 2020.



Swimming hole Dawson River near Boolburra Railway Bridge in July 2020.



Railway Bridge over Dawson River at Boolburra in July 2020.



The tennis court roller that Uncle Ray made. Picture taken July 2020.



Taken from Boolburra house site looking towards shed November 2017.



Front gate of Boolburra house site, November 2017.



Looking towards Boolburra house site November 2017.



Ryan's Paddock near Boolburra in July 2020.


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