Various images connected to the Dinmore Nunns

Dinmore images, most likely from Nunns' Paddock which is the area on which the Dinmore Meatworks now stands.
The following images have been obtained from various sources and some are of the property where David and Rachel Nunn raised their 12 children at Dinmore near Ipswich in Queensland.

We can make a good case that this is an image from Nunns' Paddock about 1887 on the basis that
David Nunn took action against individuals to whom he gave access to his property for the purpose of
drilling for both coal and clay. Read more at this link. Note too the young girl striding purposely along
carrying what could be a bucket or perhaps a school bag. This could be David and Rachel's youngest
child Violet Mary who would have been about nine years old. Note that this image and two that
follow were discovered by descendants of David and Rachel Nunn's second son Amos.
I'm grateful for the efforts of two of Amos's great granddaughters Sandra Garsden and Alli Gledhill.
Almost certainly from Nunns' Paddock. Notice the difference in the style of dwellings. The nearest
building may even be David and Rachel Nunn's original house. It is known that some of their children
built houses on the property as well.
Again, this is most likely on Nunns' Paddock and that may even be David Nunn in charge of the
horses and the plough.
This image was provided by Edna Dennis (nee Nunn), whose grandfather George Nunn was David and
Rachel's third son. This is George's house and that is probably his wife Jane Scarborough at the window.
It's not known if the building was on Nunns' Paddock.
This image is positively identified as Sid Nunn's house which was in Brisbane Rd, Dinmore and
not on Nunns' Paddock. Sid was David and Rachel's eighth son. The house was resumed to make way
for the Ipswich Motorway connection road some time in the 1970s. The house was where the lights
are beside the service station at the corner of Aberdare St and Brisbane Road.

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