Researching my family

My primary focus is on the Nunn male line and Nunn female line which emanate from the sister villages of Chevington and Hargrave near Bury St Edmunds about 45 minutes east of Cambridge in England.

I'm also researching various other paternal and maternal lines including Aldridge of Welwyn, Hertfordshire, Campbell of Glasgow and Stirling, Coker of Stepney, London, Cooper of Somerset and Wales,  Silver of Maryculter, Scotland, and Todd of Peebles, and Castle Douglas, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland.

As well, I'm researching Wallace of Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland, de la Garde of Weybridge, Surrey, Storey of Westminster, London, and, da Costa of Jamaica, West Indies and Marylebone, London.

The menu structure should be helpful, but if you are looking for a particular surname (Nunn or otherwise), I have a searchable database which you can access here.

My research is also presented in regular html pages.

The tree is also posted on but you will need to subscribe to that service to see my tree there. It starts at my great-great grandfather David Nunn (1827-1900).

For those interested in the Cokers of Tower Hamlets, London, I have compiled a list of baptisms in that borough. Go there now.

There's a lot more to find out ...

David Nunn

David and Rachel Nunn, from Suffolk to Queensland This section focuses on David and Rachel Nunn's 12 children (see below) David Nunn (born 15 Mar 1827 at Chevington, Suffolk, England, UK, died (10…

Rex Newsome on his grandparents Arthur and Ellen Nunn

Rex Newsome looks back on visits to his Nunn grandparents Rex Newsome. Rex Newsome, (1932-2013) the son of Emily Nunn and Roy Newsome, recorded memories of his grandfather, Arthur Nunn, in an…

Gordon (Bunny) Nunn

Gordon David (Bunny) Nunn, family man and extraordinary athlete ©Warren Nunn, (First published 8 Jan 2015; updates—21 November 2015, 30 January 2016, 5 April 2016). Gordon David (Bunny) NUNN…

My Dad, Gordon David Nunn

Gordon Nunn family
Gordon David Nunn main image in 1953/54 with his wife June and first two children. The…

Whitwood cricket

Click for bigger image. Nunn brothers of Dinmore, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, and…

Nunns' paddock

Alma Nunn on the early days of Nunns' paddock Alma Nellie Victoria Nunn. Sidney Nunn's…

Dinmore images

Various images connected to the Dinmore Nunns These are images from Dinmore, Ipswich,…

Walter Nunn

Walter Nunn family
Walter Nunn (second from right) with his wife Elizabeth Thompson (left) and family…

Les Deakin

Excerpt from Les Deakin's army file
Painful sickness ended Les Deakin's life The unfortunate details of Les Deakin's short…

Arnold Nunn on grandparents Arthur and Ellen Nunn

Arnold Nunn
Arnold Nunn recalls (scroll down for photo gallery) By Warren Nunn Arnold Nunn has fond…

Sydney Nunn

Sid Nunn family
Sid Nunn (inset) in family photo taken after his passed away in 1919. Standing back from…

Arthur Nunn

From left Arthur Nunn and wife Helen Rutherford Campbell from their wedding day in 1895…

George Nunn

George Nunn family
George Nunn (top right) with son Gordon George. Below that is Evelyn May Elizabeth (whose…

Desmond Holland

Desmond (Slim) Holland's murder Desmond Holland. ONE of David and Rachel Nunn's…

William Nunn

William Nunn and his wife Emily Scarborough standing with their son Stanley possibly…

Elisha Nunn

Elisha Nunn (born 22 Mar 1857 Whepstead, Suffolk, England, UK, died 19 Dec 1932 Ipswich,…

George Alexander Nunn

Winnie Nunn (nee Cooper). George Alexander Nunn and his family are pictured above. George…

Nev Deakin on Arthur and Ellen Nunn

Nev Deakin on his Nunn grandparents, his mother’s siblings and fishing on Rockhampton's…

David "Dick" Nunn

David (Dick) Nunn family
David (who was known as Dick) Nunn pictured top left with some of his children including…

Off to Australia

David and Rachel Nunn and son Elisha arrive in Australia A view of Adelaide Street,…

Christina Mary Nunn

Christina Mary Nunn
Christina Mary Nunn (1896-1982) married Eli Peters but they did not have…

Amos Nunn

Amos Nunn and children
Amos Nunn, left, and several of his children. Colour image is of David Nunn (1886-1970)…

Phoebe Nunn

Roberts family
Phoebe Nunn and her husband James Roberts with their children. All the girls are…

May Emma Nunn

May Nunn birth
May Emma Nunn (born 6 Nov 1876 Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, died 26 Oct 1931 Ipswich,…

Albert Nunn

Albert Nunn birth
Albert Nunn (born 11 Sep 1862 Ipswich, Queensland, died 24 Oct 1931 Qld, Aust), married…

Violet Nunn

Violet Nunn birth
Violet Nunn (born 7 Aug 1878 Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, died 23 Nov 1959 Queensland,…

Emily Myrtle Nunn

Emily Myrtle Nunn
Emily Myrtle Nunn (1905-1996) married Albert Newsome and they had one child. They moved…

Jessie Helen Nunn

Jessie Helen Nunn
Jessie Helen Nunn (1902-1975) married David Collins and they had four children. They…

Annette Margaret Nunn

Annette Margaret Nunn was born on 19 January 1958 at Gladstone, Queensland, Australia and…

Annie Nunn

Deakin family about 1943
Annie Nunn and Fred Deakin Annie Nunn (1898-1983) married Fred Deakin and had four…

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