Warren Nunn's family tree

Suffolk, England, UK



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 --?--, Ann  Abt 1635Suffolk, England, UK I44
2 --?--, Anne  UNKNOWNSuffolk, England, UK I306
3 --?--, Mary  Abt 1668Suffolk, England, UK I5375
4 BARROW, Samuel  Abt 1665Suffolk, England, UK I1635
5 BIRD, Julia Edith  20 May 1892Suffolk, England, UK I7169
6 BRIDGE, Frances  Abt 1810Suffolk, England, UK I4941
7 BROOKS, John  Abt 1849Suffolk, England, UK I8822
8 BUMPSTEAD, Daphne Joyce  19 Sep 1926Suffolk, England, UK I9278
9 CLARKE, Thomas Henry  1882Suffolk, England, UK I7241
10 CLERKE, John Kidby  Abt 1635Suffolk, England, UK I14
11 FENN, Ann  Abt 1720Suffolk, England, UK I7120
12 FLACK, Martha  Abt 1725Suffolk, England, UK I315
13 GIRLING, John  13 Sep 1926Suffolk, England, UK I7600
14 HAWARD, Charles John  Abt 1832Suffolk, England, UK I7344
15 HERINGTON, Alice  Abt 1660Suffolk, England, UK I1629
16 HINSBY, Susan  Abt 1749Suffolk, England, UK I309
17 HURRELL, Cornelius  1830Suffolk, England, UK I7783
18 HUST, William  Abt 1762Suffolk, England, UK I310
19 JARMAN, James  Abt 1764Suffolk, England, UK I4929
20 JARMAN, James  Abt 1800Suffolk, England, UK I6629
21 JARMAN, Mary  24 Nov 1792Suffolk, England, UK I6626
22 JARMAN, Sara  Abt 1795Suffolk, England, UK I6627
23 LILLY, Joseph  Abt 1715Suffolk, England, UK I4720
24 LOFTS, Mary  Abt 1720Suffolk, England, UK I4719
25 NOWELL, Benjamin  Abt 1810Suffolk, England, UK I6996
26 NUNN, Ambrose  1753Suffolk, England, UK I8592
27 NUNN, Ann  Abt 1685Suffolk, England, UK I4710
28 NUNN, Eliza  1828Suffolk, England, UK I5763
29 NUNN, Margaret  Abt 1665Suffolk, England, UK I1630
30 NUNN, Mary  1829Suffolk, England, UK I389
31 NUNN, Olive  16 Aug 1932Suffolk, England, UK I7601
32 NUNN, Philip  Abt 1665Suffolk, England, UK I5374
33 NUNN, Richard  Abt 1836Suffolk, England, UK I390
34 NUNN, Robert  Abt 1655Suffolk, England, UK I1626
35 NUNN, Rosa  Abt 1864Suffolk, England, UK I8533
36 NUNN, Thomas  Abt 1656Suffolk, England, UK I2695
37 NUNN, William  Abt 1657Suffolk, England, UK I1628
38 NUNN, William  Abt 1760Suffolk, England, UK I7119
39 OAKES, Mahala  July 1853Suffolk, England, UK I8473
40 ORFORD, Albert Edward  23 Feb 1921Suffolk, England, UK I9354
41 PEARSON, Mary  Abt 1795Suffolk, England, UK I8020
42 PLUMMER, Robert  Abt 1833Suffolk, England, UK I6634
43 RUTLEGE, William  UNKNOWNSuffolk, England, UK I305
44 RUTTER, Martha  Abt 1786Suffolk, England, UK I4969
45 SILVERSTONE, Sarah (Sally)  Abt 1793Suffolk, England, UK I222
46 SPINK, Charles  Abt 1818Suffolk, England, UK I7581
47 STEWART, Elizabeth  Abt 1655Suffolk, England, UK I1627


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARBOURN, Mary  Abt 1843Suffolk, England, UK I206
2 AVIS, George  Jan 1883Suffolk, England, UK I5650
3 AVIS, Harriet  Oct 1914Suffolk, England, UK I6524
4 AVIS, Jane  Nov 1986Suffolk, England, UK I1444
5 AVIS, Violet May  12 Jan 2019Suffolk, England, UK I9353
6 BANTICK, Elizabeth Marion  Oct 1968Suffolk, England, UK I9333
7 BOLINGBROKE, Thomas  1 Jul 1882Suffolk, England, UK I5035
8 BRIDGE, Marjorie Elizabeth  13 Sep 1993Suffolk, England, UK I6904
9 BUMPSTEAD, Frederick  Jul 1968Suffolk, England, UK I9229
10 CLARK, Elizabeth  25 Aug 1746Suffolk, England, UK I2696
11 CLARKE, Ellen Eliza  Sep 1989Suffolk, England, UK I8696
12 CLARKE, Phillip  19 Feb 1905Suffolk, England, UK I9309
13 CROSS, Louisa  Abt 1880Suffolk, England, UK I5091
14 CUBITT, Vivien Muriel  22 Jan 1996Suffolk, England, UK I2866
15 EMMERSON, Lucy  Apr 1894Suffolk, England, UK I8597
16 FULLER, Jane  1896Suffolk, England, UK I2209
17 GIRLING, William  Dec 1971Suffolk, England, UK I8940
18 GLADWELL, Linda Anne  21 Nov 2010Suffolk, England, UK I205
19 HEWITT, Mary Ann  4 Mar 1899Suffolk, England, UK I6519
20 HOCKLEY, Elizabeth  Abt 1852Suffolk, England, UK I8524
21 HOLDEN, Sarah  1 Jan 1764Suffolk, England, UK I4712
22 HOWE, Maud Mary  1943Suffolk, England, UK I7706
23 MORTLOCK, Mary Ann  Abt 1905Suffolk, England, UK I6482
24 NOWELL, Benjamin  Abt 1851Suffolk, England, UK I6996
25 NUNN, Alfred  Jul 1903Suffolk, England, UK I4696
26 NUNN, Ann  2 Dec 1879Suffolk, England, UK I2605
27 NUNN, Elias  27 Aug 1902Suffolk, England, UK I3353
28 NUNN, Emily  6 Aug 1839Suffolk, England, UK I5416
29 NUNN, Emma  5 Feb 1921Suffolk, England, UK I2043
30 NUNN, Emma  Abt 1922Suffolk, England, UK I3481
31 NUNN, George  17 Jan 1873Suffolk, England, UK I8061
32 NUNN, George  Jun 1951Suffolk, England, UK I6430
33 NUNN, Herbert  Apr 1978Suffolk, England, UK I2616
34 NUNN, James  Jun 1919Suffolk, England, UK I2044
35 NUNN, John  Abt 1852Suffolk, England, UK I6468
36 NUNN, Josiah Holden  UNKNOWNSuffolk, England, UK I8522
37 NUNN, Lily Sarah  23 Apr 1962Suffolk, England, UK I5370
38 NUNN, Naomi  Apr 1905Suffolk, England, UK I7115
39 NUNN, Phyllis Kate  Jan 1984Suffolk, England, UK I2040
40 NUNN, Raymond Arthur  Mar 1968Suffolk, England, UK I7713
41 NUNN, Samuel  UNKNOWNSuffolk, England, UK I4903
42 NUNN, Samuel  JAN-MAR 1875Suffolk, England, UK I20
43 NUNN, Susan  Jan 1888Suffolk, England, UK I3342
44 NUNN, Thomas  Mar 1972Suffolk, England, UK I5326
45 NUNN, Victor G.  Abt 2009Suffolk, England, UK I7714
46 NUNN, William  Abt 1895Suffolk, England, UK I4908
47 ROLFE, Thomas Drake  1 Feb 1899Suffolk, England, UK I8075
48 RUTTER, Mahala  Apr 1861Suffolk, England, UK I8587
49 SILVERSTONE, Sarah (Sally)  Jun 1851Suffolk, England, UK I222
50 STOW, Sarjeant  20 Jun 1960Suffolk, England, UK I9343

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AVIS / WALLIS  Dec 1884Suffolk, England, UK F2209
2 AVIS / WRIGHT  Abt 1860Suffolk, England, UK F2208
3 BRIDGE / NUNN  Apr 1901Suffolk, England, UK F2029
4 BRIDGE / ORRISS  Oct 1898Suffolk, England, UK F2890
5 BROOKS / NUNN  Oct 1875Suffolk, England, UK F1985
6 BUMPSTEAD / AVIS  Oct 1929Suffolk, England, UK F2837
7 CLARKE / AVIS  Jan 1870Suffolk, England, UK F2841
8 CLARKE / NUNN  Oct 1863Suffolk, England, UK F2879
9 CLARY / MAYES  Apr 1843Suffolk, England, UK F285
10 CLAYDON / NUNN  1 Dec 1877Suffolk, England, UK F2405
11 FARROW / NUNN  Suffolk, England, UK F1446
12 GILBY / MACRO  Abt 1780Suffolk, England, UK F58
13 GOODRICH / NUNN  1907Suffolk, England, UK F557
14 HARRIS / NUNN  Abt 1903Suffolk, England, UK F2491
15 HAWARD / NUNN  1868Suffolk, England, UK F2456
16 HURRELL / NUNN  Oct 1856Suffolk, England, UK F2594
17 KEMP / NUNN  Oct 1872Suffolk, England, UK F2041
18 KIMMENS / NUNN  APR-JUN 1897Suffolk, England, UK F2049
19 MARIES / OUTLAW  1904Suffolk, England, UK F2882
20 MURRELL / NUNN  1904Suffolk, England, UK F1558
21 NOWELL / NUNN  1ST QUARTER 1841Suffolk, England, UK F2057
22 NUNN / ARBOURN  Oct 1852Suffolk, England, UK F984
23 NUNN / BIRD  1912Suffolk, England, UK F2406
24 NUNN / BRIDGE  26 Oct 1767Suffolk, England, UK F1399
25 NUNN / CHALLIS  8 Aug 1767Suffolk, England, UK F1487
26 NUNN / COPPING  OCT-DEC 1873Suffolk, England, UK F1900
27 NUNN / EVERETT  26 Mar 1869Suffolk, England, UK F945
28 NUNN / FULLER  1891Suffolk, England, UK F2125
29 NUNN / HUNT  1900Suffolk, England, UK F2365
30 NUNN / MORTLOCK  JUL-SEP 1855Suffolk, England, UK F1921
31 NUNN / NEWMAN  1846Suffolk, England, UK F1925
32 NUNN / NUNN  Jan 1905Suffolk, England, UK F2310
33 NUNN / OSBORNE  1866Suffolk, England, UK F1912
34 NUNN / PETTIT  11 May 1819Suffolk, England, UK F2536
35 NUNN / ROOF  Jul 1858Suffolk, England, UK F1840
36 NUNN / ROWLAND  1862Suffolk, England, UK F1907
37 NUNN / SADLER  1910Suffolk, England, UK F2034
38 NUNN / SMITH  1855Suffolk, England, UK F2712
39 NUNN / SMITH  Oct 1923Suffolk, England, UK F639
40 ORRISS / BANTICK  Jul 1908Suffolk, England, UK F2891
41 ORRISS / DICKINSON  Oct 1902Suffolk, England, UK F2888
42 PECK / NUNN  Jan 1872Suffolk, England, UK F1729
43 PETTIT / NUNN  1923Suffolk, England, UK F432
44 RESTALL / BUMPSTEAD  Apr 1950Suffolk, England, UK F1258
45 ROLFE / NUNN  9 Jan 1840Suffolk, England, UK F2714
46 SARGENT / ROWLAND  Abt 1865Suffolk, England, UK F910
47 SPALDING / EMMERSON  Jul 1873Suffolk, England, UK F2596
48 SPINK / NUNN  1854Suffolk, England, UK F2526
49 STONE / HOWE  Jun 1926Suffolk, England, UK F2565